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Mike is now coaching artists on Patreon! Portfolio Reviews & more, click HERE
Mike Hoffman on Facebook after a one-year hiatus, Mike's active again on Facebook
Nov. 7-8
Rocky Mountain Con, Denver CO
Oct. 31
Witches' Ball 2015, Kenosha, WI
HAUNTED House of Horror...
The World's first 100% Hoffman Horror magazine! These are the stories that had be told, memorable & offbeat.  52 pages of striking artwork in 8 complete stories & features, plus pinups and more!
HAUNTED is a mere $9.95 per copy, hand-signed, bagged & boarded, shipping included.  Order yours below!

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Zach's Back...
...In a wicked new remastering of the original comic books adventures!  John Zacherley was the 1st and most beloved TV Horror Host of all time, whose career spanned decades!  Learn more in the special "Appreciation" written by Raul Pussak, PLUS see rare images from the ultimate lost Zacherley Collectible, the 1967 Zach for President Campaign book! Zach fans and all Comic lovers, your presence is requested! 
ALL 13 issues of Mike "Von" Hoffman and Jason "The Bloke" Crawley's monstrous opus Bloke's Terrible TOMB OF TERROR are on display on
this very site!
And get any or all issues of this "Ghastly Award"-winning magazine (Best Horror Anthology of 2013) while Mike's signing 'em on the cover in Gruesome Gold! These Horror stories are great, make no mistake--and the artwork's even better!

is 52 B&W pages and $8.95 per copy, plus ya git FREE U.S. shipping!
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About the Artist
All contents ©2020 Mike Hoffman
 Mike began drawing for the major Comics companies Marvel, DC, Dark Horse etc. in the early 1980s and later became an independent self-publisher.
He has created hundreds of projects: books & comics, original Music and Animation, popular instructional materials, and tens of thousands of his original artworks are in collections around the World.

MONSTER Surfers!
The Weird-Oh Bunch...
Ol' block-head and the bride recently posed for one of Mike's wildest new paintings called "Monster Surfers"!  The original has already gone, but the fab & lovely 12x15 print is already a hot item over in the eBay store "Hoffmaninternational".  See that bad boy and grab your own for a mere $9.95 plus shipping! Get it signed too! It's... Monster Surfers!
Another new 6x9 print set, this one containing 8 images of Mike's oddball "Klumpp Family" as they frolic in Space, under the Sea, at home, on the beach, always under the light of the Moon!
No, you can't get the original art for these, but the remastered versions are probably even better, tweaked by the artist with dedication & loving care... So get friendly with the nocturnal Klumpps now and fill out your hideous collection, shipping's free!