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THE MUSE Blog Excerpt...
Science Fiction has historically made some pretty huge promises, in spite of dystopian warnings.  Today, Science itself is also caught red-handed making more promises than it can keep.  It has claimed that we'll soon understand consciousness by studying the brain, and, we'll conquer all disease by mapping the human genome.  Neither goal has been reached, and most of the investors have backed out of Genetics, which should illuminate things clearly--just by following the money, as it escapes.

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If you draw and are having a technical problem, it's likely that Mike has already solved it.   Speed up your learning curve now with one-on-one help!
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Revamped Prints Page
Many newly-offered images from the Hoffman Art vaults are available only here and for a limited time
The Universe, vast and trackless, less full of things than nothings, spins and ripples and the ripples cross and re-cross and make the Space and Time that sparkle for animal eyes that watch; and the great creation knows it will die, and knew before it was ever born, but the deepest seed in the mind of the man thinks he will not, and in the end, who is right and who is wrong?
  From "The Octavia Chronicles"

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Bloke's Terrible TOMB of Terror wins the prestigious GHASTLY AWARD for best Horror Anthology of 2013!  Mike and Jason couldn't be prouder of their two-headed baby, which managed to survive and thrive regardless of the current comics environment, and especially being a creator-owned and online-only distributed book.
 This 220-page softcover book features superb production values, printed on cream-colored paper. Order yours from   TOMB/
Secret ERB/Pulp Project Due Out in 2014!
Over 100 new Hoffman  illustrations will be included, watch this space for details...
And the Winner is...
The OCTAVIA Collection!
Mike's recently "remastered" all the art from her original 2002 three-issue series AND written a special introduction for this new Octavia collection!  It's 64 pages on cream-colored stock, and each page pays joyful homage to the campy, kitschy Horror of yesteryear, with nods to EC comics and that immortal Euro masterpiece "The Bloody Pit of Horror"!  Order at a discount from OCTAVIA/
NOW! New Playful  illustrations in a retro vein available today on EBAY...
The full 30-minute MONSTER UNIVERSITY TV SPECIAL is now free to view online!
The Islanders...
The all-color Tigress series from 2003 returns with a new cover and a handsome new format!  The feral, alien cat-girl lands on a lost asteroid populated by a peculiar band of castaway Victorians.  They steer towards a lush, tropical planet that for a time seems like a Tiki paradise. But is it really?  A strange tale of exotic adventure!  Full-color, &16.95, 66 pages, 8x10. Available now on our STORE PAGE
See a preview HERE