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Tons of cool Hoffman Art gets collected over at the hot site for pictures!  See PINTEREST

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Mike Hoffman on Facebook after a one-year hiatus, Mike's active again on Facebook
ALL 13 issues of Mike "Von" Hoffman and Jason "The Bloke" Crawley's monstrous opus Bloke's Terrible TOMB OF TERROR are on display on
this very site!
And get any or all issues of this "Ghastly Award"-winning magazine (Best Horror Anthology of 2013) while Mike's signing 'em on the cover in Gruesome Gold! These Horror stories are great, make no mistake--and the artwork's even better!

is 52 B&W pages and $8.95 per copy, plus ya git FREE U.S. shipping!
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Mike's Monthly Print Portfolio September: TIGRESS!
Five fabulously cool & exotic masterworks featuring Mike's Alien, feral heroine "Tigress" in a hot set of colorful & sexy Art Prints available only during the month of September!  After that time it will be retired and another "themed" portfolio will take its place.  The "Tigress Portfolio" won't be offered again in 2015! And, each print is hand-signed by the artist. Why?  'Coz the rubber stamp broke! These images have never been offered to the public before! Want to see the other five pics? Check 'em out now in our eBay Store listing for...
The Tigress Portfolio

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MONSTER Surfers!
Ol' block-head and the bride recently posed for one of Mike's wildest new paintings called "Monster Surfers"!  The original has already gone, but the fab & lovely 12x15 print is already a hot item over in the eBay store "Hoffmaninternational".  See that bad boy and grab your own for a mere $9.95 plus shipping! Get it signed too! It's... Monster Surfers!