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Hoffman Image Library
Tons of cool Hoffman Art gets collected over at the hot site for pictures!  See PINTEREST

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Online Presence...
Mike Hoffman on Facebook after a one-year hiatus, Mike's active again on Facebook
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Nov. 7-8
Rocky Mountain Con, Denver CO
Oct. 31
Witches' Ball 2015, Kenosha, WI
The Weird-Oh Bunch...
Another new 6x9 print set, this one containing 8 images of Mike's oddball "Klumpp Family" as they frolic in Space, under the Sea, at home, on the beach, always under the light of the Moon!
No, you can't get the original art for these, but the remastered versions are probably even better, tweaked by the artist with dedication & loving care... So get friendly with the nocturnal Klumpps now and fill out your hideous collection, shipping's free!
HAUNTED House of Horror...
It's been months in the making, and now the 100% "Von Hoffman" Horror mag is here in all its monstrous glory!  52 pages of striking artwork in 8 complete stories & features, plus pinups and more!
HAUNTED is a mere $9.95 per copy, hand-signed, bagged & boarded, shipping included.  Order yours below!

All-New Art Book...
Take a whole year's worth of Mike's bread-and-butter eBay ink drawings and collect them in a single huge book, and what do ya get?  A ruddy INKSPLOSION, that's what. Plus the artist has added some nice complementary digital gray tones.  These 150 images are, of course, beauty incarnate, with all the action, adventure and eroticism you've come to expect from the Hoffster. Watch this space for more info!