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Hoffman Image Library
Tons of cool Hoffman Art gets collected over at the hot site for pictures!  See PINTEREST

Bloomingdale's Exhibit...
15 of Mike's Abstract Symbolist paintings on display in famed retail outlet in New Jersey.
It's in the final birthing stages and due for a horrific 2015 delivery!  All the offbeat Horror stories deemed unfit for the Vampire/Werewolf crowd are packed tightly in here.  You'll find stirring and thought-provoking treatises on the Paranormal, Hauntings, Reincarnation, UFOs, Channeling, Past Lives and more, all told in experimental B&W comics format!
It's a new era alright, and it's well past time for a terror mag that reflects it--time for HEX--a New Age in Horror!  And it's hosted by the ghostest, yours truly >choke< "Von" Hoffman!
HEX Magazine...
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Coming Soon...
Comics Reader...
Two thick 300-page monster volumes containing all Mike's best solo Comics work to date! You'll find all his best-known creations, many out-of-print for years, like Squid Girl, Tigress, Thor the Rock Warrior, Minister Sinister, plus myriad tales from Lost Worlds of Fantasy & Science Fiction, PLUS page after page of never-before-seen stories from the Vaults!  Six Hundred big 8.5x11 pages of black and whiteness illustrate the dedication and drive of the comics kid who created them.  An instant library of Mike Hoffman Comics History!
Volumes 1&2 available now in our STORE
Martian Legion...
Mike contributed over 100 drawings to this massively handsome tribute to the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs, the meticulously researched and tremendously adventurous tale told by writer/publisher Buddy Saunders! It's the unltimate Burroughs collectible with off-the-scale production values that have to be seen to be believed.  Explore it for yourself at the official website for The Martian Legion
April 11
Inspiration Art Show at Flower of Life Gallery, Lockport, IL
April 18th
Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention, Chicago, IL
June 4-7
Erbdom Circle of Friends, Rockville MD
August 20-23
Dum-Dum 2015, Clinton, CT
Online Presence...
Past Gallery Shows...
Mike Hoffman on Facebook after a one-year hiatus, Mike's active again on Facebook
Madame T...
Tyrannosaurus Books in Spain has teamed with Mike to offer a new translated Spanish-language collection of his famed "Madame Tarantula" tales from the New Old West of the far-flung future!  Read an informative English-language interview with the artist HERE