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Bloomingdale's Exhibit...
15 of Mike's Abstract Symbolist paintings on display in famed retail outlet in New Jersey.
H.G. Wells Illustrated...
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A new Facebook page devoted to the work of Yours Truly!  I am truly flattered... Take a look at what they're saying here: MikeHoffmanFanPage
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   The savage "Beastmen" of this early Science Fiction novel inspired Mike to create the popular "Island of Dr. Moreau Sketchbook", full of intriguing designs of these memorable characters. 
   Now those conceptual pencil  drawings are collected with the original 1896 text that inspired them!  It's a quick read with Mike's ripping visualizations to carry you through the dangerous bits.  Animal-Men (and women) abound in this unique and attractive volume...

        TPB, $14.95, 130 B&W pages.  Available Soon!
   The first of two massive volumes collecting the best of Mike's solo independent comics work.  Each book is 300 B&W pages of PURE COMICS!
   All Mike's main characters are here, Tigress, Madame Tarantula, Minister Sinister, Squid Girl, Thor the Rock Warrior, Tura Satana, Super Clowns & more.  And many of the works here have never been seen publicly at all.
   You'd have to really love the comics form to produce all this material for little else than the joy of it, and that's basically what The Mike Hoffman Comics Reader is all about.
  This is a truly fun book to curl up with for a few hours and escape into fantastic worlds of ink and imagination!

        $24.95, 300 B&W pages, available now in our SHOP
New "Comics Reader" Book...