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Newest Items!
Bloomingdale's Exhibit...
15 of Mike's Abstract Symbolist paintings on display in famed retail outlet in New Jersey.
Get a FREE 11x17 poster signed by "Von Hoffman" with Monster University Music CDs on eBay...
I recently spent some time sifting through my many, many, many ink drawings done for eBay over the years (and my own personal amusement) to choose the absolute best pieces for this new collection. And it's big, too--8.5x11 and 3/4 of an inch thick!
You hard-core Hoffmaniac Art collectors out there may already own a few of the original works shown here, but I seriously guarantee there will be tons & tons you've never seen before.
They take me back--to where I was then, to Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Space Femmes, Monsters, Ancient Warrior Races, Aliens, Spaceships, you name it; it's a Fantasy SF smorgasbord of flippin' epic proportions.
And it's a bargain too at about 7.5 cents a drawing--WOW! And FREE shipping in the USA.
    Please note, only Website sales are signed by the artist.

  Order now $24.95 each,
   FREE shipping in USA!
    Overseas EMAIL for
       Paypal invoice

Massive Ink Art Collection...
CLICK to Order on

Two Mike Hoffman bestsellers are back in new remastered editions that are even better than the originals! 
Click the pics to get 'em on Amazon...

More New Items!
 Website Edition
2 Hoffman Art Remasters
Monster Melodies...
Mike's a guest at the next MCBA show October 4th in Minneapolis!
At left is his official limited print for the event. Hope to see you there!
Hoffman Fan Page
A new Facebook page devoted to the work of Yours Truly!  I am truly flattered... Take a look at what they're saying here: MikeHoffmanFanPage