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Comics & GN
Minister Sinister
Mike's sprawling comic tale of an agent from an Antimatter Earth come to shanghai crooks and weirdos to be "good citizens" back home!
120 B&W pages, 8x10 ....$14.95

The Santa Claus Jingle Book
A memorable and satiric adventure of an unusual Santa, featuring Gray aliens, Elves on strike, the dread "Anti-Claus", and a look into the future!
64 B&W pages, 8x10 ....$14.95

All Contents (c) Mike Hoffman 2018
Zacherley Comics
America's first and foremost TV Horror Host romps through these fantastic, fearful and funny tales that only Von Hoffman could tell!
60 B&W pages, 8.5x11 ....$14.95

The Ballad of Utopia
Mike's moody collaboration with writer & trailrider Barry Buchanan explores the horrors and corruption of the town called Utopia!
166 B&W pages, 8x10 ....$19.95

Tigress: The Islanders
The strange tale of an alien, feral cat-girl in the company of a band of spacewrecked Victorians cast adrift on a mysterious island!
64 Color pages, 8x10 ....$14.95

Madame Tarantula Futurewest
A dystopian futuristic Western tale where Robots and genetic engineering have run amok!
72 B&W pages, 8.5x11 ....$12.95

The Thor Collection
Mike collaborated with the real Jon Mikl Thor to create these fantasy tales that visit the frozen North and Beastwomen from the Earth's core!
48 B&W pages, 8x10....$12.95

The Octavia Collection
A mysterious white-haired woman haunts a lost castle in Spain, where she transforms men into monsters to be her slaves!
80 B&W pages ....$12.95

Electric Frankenstein
Mike's best-selling comic created in the lab in cahoots with the notorious band of the same name!  What's up when the Bride wants a baby?
24 B&W pages ....$4.95

Tura Satana
Mike created and Tura herself edited!  The story picks up where the film Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! left off with... a nicer, gentler Tura?
24 B&W pages ....$4.95

Super Clowns
Do good old-fashioned hard-working circus clowns get a raw deal in today's climate of clown hate? Now it's Clowns who are scared!
24 B&W pages ....$4.95

Octavia Dream Chronicles
Two incredible novellettes visualized as only artist Hoffman could realize them! Explore The Ice Caves and The Gemini Ring now!
132 B&W pages ....$8.95

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