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B&W Art Books
The Art of Mars
A collection of ink illustrations don for the first three "Mars" novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs! Hundreds of drawings of action & adventure
64 B&W pages, 8.5x11 ....$14.95

The Island of Dr. Moreau
The original novel by H.G. Wells interspersed with plentiful concept art. Mike's skillful pencil drawings bring the humanoid "Beastmen" to life.
136 B&W pages, 8.5x11 ....$14.95

All Contents (c) Mike Hoffman 2018
Illustrated text explores the major figures of Greek Mythology!  Gods, Goddesses and the mortals who worship or defy them.
48 B&W pages, 8.5x11 ....$12.95

The Secret Sketchbooks
Imaginative ideations created over a 20-year span, these are these best, funniest and weirdest works from Mike's "Lost Years"!
126 B&W pages, 8.5x11 ....$12.95

Newspaper Girls
A stylish and avant garde project, Mike created one drawing on an actual newprint page per week for an entire year and gathered them here!
56 B&W pages, 8.5x11 ....$12.95

The Sinister Sketchbook
The best depictions from the Antimatter universe of Mike's character "Minister Sinister"!  Strange, humorous and offbeat ideations.
100 B&W pages, 8.5x11 ....$12.95

The Suntasm Sketchbook
The very first original visualizations of what would become Mike's "Phase II" direction, exotic, stylized and avant garde!
42 B&W pages ....$8.95

Intuitive Art
Always seeking new artistic horizons, Mike's exploration of non-representational drawing is collected here!  Tribal, Meditative Grafitti.
80 B&W pages ....$12.95

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